Purveyor of Internet Garbage and Good Vibes, fASHLIN is a culmination of the visually adorable, poor celebrity decision making and the various occult philosophies that continually serve as the inspiration behind the brand's off-beat grunge enthusiasm. Designed with eclectic 90s children in mind, graphic tees and jumpers serve as the medium by which our unique perspectives can be shared with and mutually expressed by the kindred spirits who appreciate them. Infused with a strong dose of internet kitsch and kawaii influences, fASHLIN works hard to keep you revved up on current underground style perspectives based around Los Angeles, NYC, Tokyo and New South Wales street fashion. Our website is currently under construction, but don't freak! You can still check out all of our rad sweatshirts and tees at our online store through our Etsy shop. Also, feel free to check out our Facebook page for loads of coupons and other sweet deals, and don't forget to follow us on Tumblr and Instagram!
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